cocor: Comparing Correlations

Statistical tests for the comparison between two correlations based on either independent or dependent groups. Dependent correlations can either be overlapping or nonoverlapping. A web interface is available on the website A plugin for the R GUI and IDE RKWard is included. Please install RKWard from to use this feature. The respective R package 'rkward' cannot be installed directly from a repository, as it is a part of RKWard.

Version: 1.1-3
Depends: methods
Suggests: testthat
Enhances: rkward
Published: 2016-05-28
Author: Birk Diedenhofen
Maintainer: Birk Diedenhofen <mail at>
License: GPL (>= 3)
Citation: cocor citation info


Package source: cocor_1.1-3.tar.gz
Reference manual: cocor.pdf
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